heating repairs that our customers have experienced

When it starts to get cold outside in the winter, we often rely on our heaters to keep us warm and comfortable. We know there are many heating repairs that our customers have experienced, but there are some heating repairs that are more common than others. We have outlined four of the several common heating repairs that you’ll need to watch out for when the seasons change:

  1. Old or dirty filters– Dirty filters cause your furnace to work harder, since the furnace has to force the air through the layers of dirt and gunk. This issue is a simple, but often forgotten heating repair that needs to be done on a regular basis.
  2. Lack of maintenance– A heater needs to be maintained on a regular basis in order to prevent costly expenditures while also ensuring that your heater is running as smoothly as possible. When you forget or neglect maintenance on your heater, then heating repairs are soon to follow!
  3. Issues with the thermostat– When your thermostat isn’t working, it can’t properly communicate with the heater in order to work properly.
  4. Furnace is too noisy– When working properly, a furnace and heater should be relatively quiet. While you might hear the heater or fan kick on, the noise shouldn’t be disturbing or too loud. If it is, you should call someone for a heating repair.

Here at Whitetail Heating & Cooling, we are here to help you with any of your heating repairs that you might need, common or uncommon. Give us a call today for help!