Consider Air Conditioning Repair if You Notice These Signs

It is good to think about the potential for needing air conditioning repair before it gets really hot. Testing your system early in the season alerts you to potential problems and gives you time to get air conditioning repair before you really need your system to be working well. This keeps you from having unhappy family members or employees and customers during the hot summer months.

While an air conditioning system may unexpectedly break down occasionally, generally there are warning signs that tell you there’s a problem if you are paying attention. If you notice any of the following, it is time to call a certified HVAC contractor right away:

  • New noises: Whether it is a click, a hiss, or a grind, new noises should alert you to a potential problem.
  • System runs constantly: If you notice that your system is running more than it used to in similar weather, you may have cause for concern.
  • System turns on and off more: Turning on and off uses more energy than any other part of the cycle, so you want to minimize how often your system cycles.
  • Higher utility bills: If you notice that your monthly bill is higher and you can’t explain it from the weather or other factors, you may need to get the system checked.
  • Temperature doesn’t cool: You turn the thermostat down but your house doesn’t get any cooler.
  • Temperature varies in house: Different parts of your house are drastically different temperatures.
  • Airflow from vents is reduced: If you notice less air coming from your vents, it may be time for air conditioning repair.
  • Ice on your system: Ice should not form on any part of your air conditioning system and may indicate the need for repair or maintenance.