If you find you need to dust more often than you used to, and you are wondering why, it might surprise you how much your heating system could be contributing. One of the first things to look at is the filter. When you have changed the filter in the past, you may have noticed that it was filled with debris and dust. If it has become clogged, it can no longer filter dust out of your home and that means the dust remains in your living space.

Changing the filter regularly (be sure to check if you have more than one!) will help you have less dust in your home, but it is also important to make sure you are using a quality filter and that there isn’t a gap around the filter because of using the wrong size. You might consider a higher quality filter, although they are costlier and minimally reduce energy efficiency.

Another contributor to dust in the home is leaks in the ductwork that draw in dust. Since the ductwork is found in either your home’s attic or basement, both inherently dusty places, it makes sense that leaks could be causing your excess dust situation.

Finally, you might have heard something referred to as “dry and dusty” and that can be true about your home. If it is exceptionally dry, as it often is when the heating system is running in dry winter months, you have a very dust-friendly environment. Dust travels more easily in a low humidity environment, especially if you have those leaky ducts already discussed. Dry air isn’t good for other reasons, as well, so talk to your heating professional about whether it would be a good idea to add a high-quality humidifier to your home.

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