Hallmarks of Reliable HVAC Contractors

Whether you have a problem with your HVAC system or just need some routine maintenance, your best bet is to hire a professional HVAC contractor to help you out. However, this is often more difficult than it first appears, as there are many HVAC contractors to choose from and not all of them have the skills to do the job. Our team here at Whitetail Heating & Cooling wants to help you do what’s best for your home or business, so in this article, we’ll be going over some of the hallmarks of reliable HVAC contractors to help you know when you’ve found the right choice.

there are many HVAC contractors to choose from

  • Positive Reputation- One thing to look for when comparing HVAC contractors is a positive reputation. Before hiring a contractor, ask around to find out what kinds of experiences people have had with them, or ask your circle of friends for recommendations. You can also check online reviews from customers or third parties like the Better Business Bureau to find out whether a contractor can deliver on their claims.
  • Licensing and Certification- Another thing that reliable HVAC contractors will always have is proper licensing and certification for their services. Trade licenses and certificates show that the contractor has completed a certain number of training hours and is qualified to perform specific types of work, so make sure the candidate has these documents for the type of work you need. We at Whitetail Heating & Cooling have been part of the HVAC industry for nearly twenty years now, and we are happy to provide this documentation upon request. If a candidate hesitates to show these licenses, then you should probably keep searching.
  • Experience- Related to the above point, you’ll also want to make sure your HVAC contractor has the right practical experience to get the job done. Having the correct license is important, but it’s guaranteed proof that the technician can complete the project to the standards you’re looking for. When searching for HVAC contractors, ask about their experience in the field, examples of past projects, etc. As we mentioned above, we at Whitetail Heating & Cooling have been in the business for nineteen years, so you can count on us to deliver the top-notch results you deserve.