Pros and Cons to In-Floor Heating

In-floor heating is the latest and greatest in luxurious additions to your home.  If you are considering in-floor heating for your home, this is the article for you.  Check out the article below for the pros and cons to in-floor heating.

Pros and Cons to In-Floor Heating

First off, let us review how in-floor heating works. In-floor heating utilizes radiant heat, which can be either electric or hydronic.  Electric radiant heat utilizes electricity to heat surfaces, while hydronic radiant heat utilizes hot water. Radiant heating is used for in-floor heating because it is the best technology to heat a surface.


  • No more cold floors: The first benefit of in-floor heating is obvious; no more cold floors. Those who live in especially cold climates really love this luxurious feature, and it is most commonly used in areas where home dwellers are typically barefoot. The most common room for in-floor heating is the bathroom.
  • Increased home value:  If you ever elect to sell your home, the addition of in-floor heating will be a great selling feature and will add substantial value to your home.


  • Costs:  There are costs associated with in-floor heating, including additional utility fees, installation, and potential repairs.  If you are considering in-floor heating, it is important to know all of the potential costs upfront.
  • Floor replacement:  In-floor heating is a very easy addition to any new home under construction.  If you are looking to install in-floor heating in an older home, you will have to replace the floors.  Many homeowners elect to install in-floor heating during renovations and remodels.