It is a common misconception that furnaces should run nearly continuously during the coldest months of the season. The reality is that is called short-cycling and it is far from being a good or acceptable thing. It is wearing out your equipment, which will lead to costly repairs and premature failure. So, what is actually causing your furnace to act like that? Here are the common causes for short-cycling:

  • Restricted Airflow – If the filters are clogged or there is a blockage in the interior vents or exhaust vent, your furnace could be overheating. Furnaces are designed to shut down when they get too hot so that damage won’t occur. If there is a blockage, it will shut down till it cools a bit and then come back on, resulting in the short-cycling experienced.
  • Thermostat Issue – Furnaces do what the thermostat tells them to do, so if you have a faulty thermostat, it can cause the furnace to short cycle. Besides a faulty thermostat, if it is located too close to a heat source, such as a sun-facing window, stove, or fireplace, it can’t gauge the temperature properly.
  • Wrong Furnaces – This is one of the saddest causes for short-cycling and also the costliest to remedy. If your home was built with the wrong size of furnace, it will react badly. Most common is an oversized furnace that heats so readily that the warm air isn’t distributed properly, so your furnace will kick on often when some rooms are actually uncomfortably warm. While you could wait till it fails to replace it, keep in mind that you’ll likely be facing fan replacement often and you’re heating costs are exceptionally higher than they should be.

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